Green Color Block Outfit
Green Color Block Outfit

Green Color Block Outfit

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Choose the complete look of your favorite color! Sports top + Legging.

All the pieces in our fitness line are made with Brazilian Suplex fabric, one of the best proposals in sportswear due to its properties:

  • UV protection
  • CoolFit technology
  • 20% more elasticity
  • Stylizes the figure and reduces measures
  • eco-friendly

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¿The prices of the online and physical store are the same?

The regular prices of the virtual store and those marked on the labels of the products in our store are the same. Depending on the current campaigns, the final prices in each channel could have variations, the details of the enabling of promotions or discounts will be communicated in a timely manner in the terms and conditions of each campaign.

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Yes. After completing your purchase, you can write to us at the WhatsApp number +51 964 125 898 and ask us to issue you an invoice. We will be happy to accommodate your request, but please note that we will only be able to do this if you notify us quickly before our staff has issued the receipt.

Keep in mind that we are electronic issuers; therefore, the electronic sales receipts will be sent to the email address you specify. It is an essential requirement that you correctly register your email.

¿Deliveries throughout Peru?

We have coverage of offices at the level of Lima and provinces.

In the event that the place of delivery cannot be attended because it is in an area of difficult access or for security reasons, we will contact you via email or by phone to manage a change of address and deliver the purchased product.

Remember that every dispatch has a freight cost that will be included in the total amount to pay for your purchase.

¿Deliveries outside of Peru?

Yes. We ship worldwide! After you make your purchase we will be contacting you to inform you about the process and we will stay in touch to ensure that your order reaches your hands..

¿I can choose a date and time for the delivery of my product?

¡Of course! Just write to WhatsApp +51 964 125 898 to coordinate the details of your shipment with you.

¿How do I indicate that the product I want to buy is for a gift??

At the time of check-in, enter your information in the corresponding boxes since the purchase must be registered with the information of the person who canceled it. Then, in the Additional Notes box, write us the name and address of the person to whom you want us to send the product. Do not forget that you can communicate with us through our social networks and WhatsApp +51 964 125 898 to be able to serve you in a personalized way.

¿They have gift packaging?

All our products are delivered in an ecological fabric packaging as the first layer and an FSC cardboard bag from renewable forests, beautiful and fine both for you and for the person to whom you want to give a Burana gift. Additionally we can include a free personalized card from us so that the detail is much better! To coordinate this service, contact us at WhatsApp +51 964 125 898.

¿What happens if I am not present to receive my product??

If the courier in charge of the delivery arrives at your address and you or the person authorized to receive the order were not present or did not attend you within a maximum waiting period of 5 minutes, the order will return to the atelier and we will contact you to give you pick-up instructions.

In the case of Lima, the order will return to our atelier. In the case of provinces, the order will return to the Cruz del Sur agency in your city. In the case of international shipments, the order will return to the corresponding center in your city/country.

¿Does the products have the tax included?

For Peru, the prices do include VAT. For the rest of the countries, the tax is not included, it will be assumed by the client.

¿What should I do if my product has a manufacturing defect??

At Burana we only sell products in perfect condition, but if exceptionally a product arrives with some kind of damage, immediately contact us at the WhatsApp number +51 964 125 898.

¿What do I do if I don't like the product I bought??

you will be able to do changes up to 2 days after the date your order arrives, prior coordination through our communication channels (whatsapp and email) and provided that it meets the following conditions:

  • That the product is in perfect condition (new, without signs of use and with the original packaging).

  • That the product has not been tampered with.

Once we verify that the conditions are met, you can exchange the item for another that we have in stock of equal or higher value, paying the difference.

¿I will receive the same product that I see in the photo?

Yes, but remember that the leather used in our products, being a natural leather, has its own characteristics or variations in tone that enhance its purity and ratify its authenticity. These characteristics make each leather product a unique and inimitable piece, coming from nature itself, but they are not captured in the photographs on the web.

For the same reason, keep in mind that the photos are referential.

¿What can I do if I have a query, suggestion or complaint?

You can communicate with us through any of our service channels and social networks such as Facebook and Instagram from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Send us a WhatsApp to +51 964 125 898 or write to, it will be a pleasure to serve you.

¿The products have a guarantee?

Yes, all Burana products have a guarantee of one year from the date of the shipping confirmation. The warranty applies to any factory fault or in case it requires some type of adjustment or replacement. Depending on the type of damage, the product repair service may or may not have an additional cost. For more information, check out our section Warranty and Conservation at the bottom of the page.

All our products have a one-year manufacturing defect warranty from the date of purchase of the product. 

Warranty conditions

Burana products have a guarantee that becomes effective by simply presenting the invoice or purchase receipt. This guarantee is void in case of improper use of our products, contrary to what is indicated in this manual.

Leather Characteristics

Our accessories are handmade in Peru with the best materials on the market. Leather is a luxurious organic material that requires special care. Its constant use can cause it to stretch and not recover its original shape. 
Likewise, it can discolor if it is exposed for a long time to sunlight or artificial light, and tear if it is subjected to excessive tension.
Keep in mind that natural materials such as leather can present irregularities and variations in their tonality, which makes them unique, enhance their purity and ratify their authenticity..

Manual for the care and conservation of our products

Please read this manual carefully, which will allow you to keep your leather goods in good condition.


- Avoid direct contact of the leather article with perfumes and substances containing alcohol.
- Avoid marking it with ink from pens, markers, text correctors, carbon paper or derivatives.
- Prevent the leather item from being in contact with glues and/or adhesives (tapes, stickers, among others).
- Protects the product from prolonged exposure to moisture or direct sunlight.
- Store the accessory in a canvas or fabric cover (never synthetic or plastic) and always keep it in a dry place; this will reduce the appearance and presence of fungi.
- Avoid that patent leather garments are in contact with other types of leather, as they run the risk of staining. Likewise, avoid contact with written surfaces with any type of ink.
- Prevent suede or patent leather garments from coming into contact with chemical or fatty materials.
- Be careful with the hooks that hold the chain of the clutches. Check that they are in the correct position before closing the accessory.

Recommendations for care and maintenance

Smooth leather and flotter require oil-based cleaning and moisturizing about three times a year. To do this, always use a white cloth and do it manually, never use a washing machine or dryer. For this type of leather you can use alcohol-free hand cream or a specialized cleaning product.
In the case of suede leather, it is recommended to clean it four times a year. To do this, always use a rubber brush, never abrasive agents such as sandpaper.
The fittings and accessories of our accessories are plated in 14K gold. You can clean them using only a soft, dry cloth. 
At Burana we provide specialized maintenance service for our products. You can request this service through our social networks such as Facebook and Instagram and via WhatsApp to the number +51 964 125898.