Our history

The beggining

The story begins in 2015 when Rita Maltese is given a hand-woven loom blanket from the town of San José de Matalacas in Piura. This was the birthday present from the lady who had worked for several years in her home. The piece of loom was beautiful, an ancient Peruvian art, they knew they had to give it a greater use than using it as a rug or decoration.

Leather and Looms

For "things that only God knows", Rita and her daughter Anna Marcella knew a leather goods teacher who made different models of leather handbags and it occurred to them to ask her to apply a part of the loom to the main face of a handbag. The result was incredible! They asked the lady to make more models with different areas of the hand-woven blanket, and the handbags that came out were given to her friends for their birthdays, who were surprised by such a unique gift..

Fashion with Identity

Rita and Anna Marcella realized that they liked the new handbags a lot because they were unique and because they were a combination of the ancient and the elegant. They then decided to make an expedition to San José de Matalacas and verified with their own eyes that among the extreme poverty in which its inhabitants lived, there was a culturally valuable Peruvian art and they knew that they could not let it be lost over time. Then a phrase made them start this new venture: "No one had ever given me money for a loom," which was the expression of the first artisan woman with whom they began the project of combining fashion with Peruvian identity.

Social impact

Burana is the combination between "the ancient and the elegant". The founders work with different communities in Peru to develop limited edition collections. Among them are the Matalacas (mountain range), Eten (coast), New Koribeni (jungle) collection, among others. Always looking to generate an impact on society, which is the center of the company. For the development of the collections pieces of Peruvian fish leather, seeds, hand-woven baskets, looms and embroidery are incorporated.

Productive Prisons

In 2017, Burana was the first company to sign an agreement with INPE called Cárceles Productivas. They implemented a workshop inside the Santa Mónica de Chorrillos prison where they constantly trained the women inmates for more than two years in the art of leather goods so that they could learn a trade and pay their civil compensation with the objective that they can successfully reintegrate into the society when they serve their sentence and do not commit a crime again.

Exclusive designs

Burana is characterized by the exclusivity of its designs. Anna Marcella highlights that "it is almost impossible to find a person who carries the same bag as you, since for each piece only 3 units are made so that you can feel unique and inimitable when wearing a Burana accessory. Every time I think of a new design I know it has to be unique and that inspires me."

A Unique Style

The style of the brand is above all elegant, ideal for an executive woman, strong, resilient and self-confident, who dresses and expresses herself beyond trends, is inimitable and is at the forefront with her own unique vision of Fashion. At Burana we seek to complement the style of each woman by offering pieces with a special stamp for each one, so that they can find the accessory that best suits their identity and personality.#WeLucimosContigo

"At Burana we are committed to society, we revalue handmade art through exclusive and avant-garde designs, and we constantly reinvent ourselves to offer the best quality in our products."