Warranty and Conservation

All our products have a one-year manufacturing defect warranty from the date of purchase of the product. 

Warranty conditions

Burana products have a guarantee that becomes effective by simply presenting the invoice or purchase receipt. This guarantee is void in case of improper use of our products, contrary to what is indicated in this manual.

Leather Characteristics

Our accessories are handmade in Peru with the best materials on the market. Leather is a luxurious organic material that requires special care. Its constant use can cause it to stretch and not recover its original shape. 
Likewise, it can discolor if it is exposed for a long time to sunlight or artificial light, and tear if it is subjected to excessive tension.
Keep in mind that natural materials such as leather can present irregularities and variations in their tonality, which makes them unique, enhance their purity and ratify their authenticity..

Manual for the care and conservation of our products

Please read this manual carefully, which will allow you to keep your leather goods in good condition.


- Avoid direct contact of the leather article with perfumes and substances containing alcohol.
- Avoid marking it with ink from pens, markers, text correctors, carbon paper or derivatives.
- Prevent the leather item from being in contact with glues and/or adhesives (tapes, stickers, among others).
- Protects the product from prolonged exposure to moisture or direct sunlight.
- Store the accessory in a canvas or fabric cover (never synthetic or plastic) and always keep it in a dry place; this will reduce the appearance and presence of fungi.
- Avoid that patent leather garments are in contact with other types of leather, as they run the risk of staining. Likewise, avoid contact with written surfaces with any type of ink.
- Prevent suede or patent leather garments from coming into contact with chemical or fatty materials.
- Be careful with the hooks that hold the chain of the clutches. Check that they are in the correct position before closing the accessory.

Recommendations for care and maintenance

Smooth leather and flotter require oil-based cleaning and moisturizing about three times a year. To do this, always use a white cloth and do it manually, never use a washing machine or dryer. For this type of leather you can use alcohol-free hand cream or a specialized cleaning product.
In the case of suede leather, it is recommended to clean it four times a year. To do this, always use a rubber brush, never abrasive agents such as sandpaper.
The fittings and accessories of our accessories are plated in 14K gold. You can clean them using only a soft, dry cloth. 
At Burana we provide specialized maintenance service for our products. You can request this service through our social networks such as Facebook and Instagram and via WhatsApp to the number +51 964 125898.