Responsabilidad Social Empresarial

Corporate social responsibility

The National Export Strategic Plan (PENX) to 2025 establishes in one of its pillars the development of a diversified, competitive and sustainable offer. Under this important objective, PROMPERU's Department of Sustainable Trade focuses on providing exporting companies with training programs on sustainability issues that make them more competitive in the global

During 2019, the international cooperation project on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strengthening the capacities of exporting SMEs in sustainability practices is implemented as part of the Orange Knowledge Program in conjunction with Brandwise BV, whose purpose is to improve the competitiveness of exporting companies , knowing the role of its different interest groups and how they interrelate; in addition to the implementation of practices that reduce environmental impacts and that, in turn, generate value for the company.empresa.

The intervention is carried out successfully in twelve companies in the textile and food sectors that seek to strengthen their sustained and decentralized growth of exports with added value. Using the virtual tool Roadmap, they manage to generate a detailed analysis of relevant issues of each company, oriented to a CSR plan. In this publication, we disclose the codes of conduct drawn up within the social responsibility plan drawn up by each company, which mark the specific guidelines of values, principles and beliefs that will guide the solid development of each organization.ización.

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