Pro Innóvate 2021

Pro Innovate 2021

We tell you a little about our new project of innovation implemented from January to June 2021 thanks to the fact that Burana was awarded a competitive fund aimed at Peruvian companies.

The financing provided by the Ministry of Production and Pro Innóvate has meant for the company, an opportunity for exponential development in the digital field.

Given the global situation, the fashion market, within all the commercial sectors affected, was displaced by basic necessities. In order to adapt to the new reality that the world was facing, it was necessary to migrate the usual processes and transform them through technology. Dissemination and marketing methods were also forced to turn 180 degrees to become 90% online solutions.

With the grant obtained, BURANA executed 4 main strategies that achieved important results in the brand, ensuring a future of innovation and profitability, pointing to a new horizon with promising improvements and advances.

Within the implementation, it was suggested to migrate most of the sales approach to a virtual scheme. For this, it was essential to enable new communication channels, the restructuring of the e-commerce site and the planning of strategic advertising campaigns. And to achieve each of the objectives, the first step would be develop a bank of multimedia content, both professional photographs for the website and social networks, editorials and campaigns, as well as video productions aimed at the different and main trending social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

¡We are happy with the results obtained during the implementation time and we are ready to continue putting into practice everything we have learned and the tools developed!

On August 19, 2021, we will hold our first Burana workshop to share with you the results of the project. Stay tuned for communications and don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list to receive all the news.

You can register for the free workshop "Behind the Scenes of a Fashion Brand" - Digital Implementation financed by Pro Innóvate by entering the following online form:




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