As part of the diversification of the brand, specifically our Fitness line that includes leggings, tops, t-shirts and sports accessories, we set out to design and manufacture sneakers.

During the pandemic, a global trend for comfy fashion was set, with sneakers forming an important part of new everyday looks. Chunkies, sock sneakers, high tops, among others, are the most used models.

After carrying out the necessary implementations, now in our workshops we also produce footwear. Always taking care not to contaminate the environment, using non-recyclable waste from our processes in the production of eco-bricks , which are then donated.

10% is developed in the first Burana workshop that was implemented in the Santa Mónica prison on June 5, 2017 under the Productive Prisons program.

All our designs are handmade, designed for people who seek comfort for their feet and improve their daily performance. Each model has anatomical insoles, ideal for busy days and daily routine.

The prices of our fitness line are accessible to the public and have a guarantee .

We invite you to know all the proposals we have for you!

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