#AprendeConBurana - Punta Negra

#LearnWithBurana - Punta Negra

At Burana we are always devising new projects that allow us to positively impact society 💕. Since the creation of the company, we were clear that we wanted to help push Peru upwards, which is why we began working with the women weavers of the extremely poor village of San José de Matalacas in Piura, and thus we have been developing different activities with communities in the mountains and jungle 🌳.

#AprendeConBurana is a new initiative that we have proposed together with the designer Cecilia Román, founder of the INBORN brand. This consists of bringing training in both the art of leather goods (making leather goods) and good fair trade practices, caring for the environment and history of fashion and textile art to various vulnerable populations in our country 😊.

The first edition of this new project was held in Punta Negra. A week of full-day immersion with very skilled women who are eager to learn. It was an unforgettable and very beautiful experience. Every day they finished a different accessory and took it with them 😍. In addition, Burana provided them with all the necessary materials as well as machinery so that the learning process is complete. Two of our best teachers gave the trainings, and at the end they were all very happy with the experience they had gained ✨.

We are committed to society, to change, to the future. We look forward to many more editions of #AprendeConBurana throughout Peru! 🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪

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